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Just marketing, surely.
Yet sometime and somewhere our innocence was lost. And here we are, with a strong stink of decay up our noses and not much left to salvage from the exercise.


That idealism we have lost, in only one year

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Here the first of the two videos I was referring to a couple of days ago. It could have been something similar, it could have been. Instead we went ballistic.

What is built on falsehood is false itself (Ali Ahmed)

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Some months ago, during the mass demonstrations that helped end Morsi’s Presidency, this video went viral. A 12-year-old, Ali Ahmed, managed to excoriate the Muslim Brotherhood’s politics and political ideology, diplaying a razor-sharp ability to use university-level concepts and language to dismiss and cut open today’s most important Middle Eastern political ideology.
The video is quite amazing, so I checked it, and I could be wrong, but it does not appear to have been fabricated.

It got me thinking about Italy, and today’s M5S (this and a couple of other videos I will post asap but all concerning Egypt’s convulsions of the last couple of years).

In particular, in the video, at 1:40, Ali says ‘What is built on falsehood is false itself’. A 12-year-old.

So, when you become aware that someone is unable to think at least at the level set by a 12-year-old Egyptian boy, and even worse is a liar, you realise you cannot work or build anything with him. There is no future to be created. Only ruins.

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